Mission & Vision

NURİŞ Elektrik ve Kaynak Makineleri San.Tic. A. Ş. was established in 1953 and it is the first welding

machine producer in Turkey and leading company in the welding machine sector. With its 61 years of

experience in next generation welding machines, plasma cutting machines and their automation,

NURİŞ is a credited company also with its own know-how, high quality standards and wide after sales


NURİŞ having vendors over 100, services over 70 throughout Turkey and the world always offers the

highest quality to its customers with such certifications as TSE ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System,

TÜV Quality System Certificate and CE certificates. NURİŞ continues to meet the requirements of

being an environment-friendly company.

NURİŞ performs production, research and development and coordination of after sales services in

the 10000 square metre of factory area in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone of Sincan in Ankara.

Additionally, it provides important services to the Turkish Industry by performing automation

systems of welded manufactures.

NURİŞ, producing welding machines made in Turkey which operates non-stop 24 hours in the

harshest conditions as the coldest areas of Russia, the hottest areas of Gulf countries and Africa, is

valuable for the industrialists with its maintenance cost and downtime almost zero even in areas with

heavy dust such as desserts and cement industry and in areas with heavy moist and sea salt such as

ship-building yards.